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Daniele Cesarini IT ConsultantMy name is Daniele Cesarini and I am a freelancer IT Consultant. I wrote my first lines of code at 6 years old when I received as a gift the “powerful” Commodore VIC 20.

I stumbled upon Linux in 1999 and I started working for an Internet Service Provider as system administrator. I am a RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer (# 110-981-842).

In the meantime I started programming PHP web applications and I’ve used various languages ​​such as Perl, Python, Ruby and others. Currently I mainly use Symfony and Symfony2 frameworks for web applications.

So, what can you do?

I’m an expert Linux system administration, especially in regard to web hosting and housing. Having started my career as a system administrator makes me very inclined to write web applications that are performant, scalable and secure.

I am appreciated in particular for my problem solving speed and attention to details.

You can read my profile on Linkedin for a more complete list of my skills.

What about…?

Do you have questions? Want more details? Do you want to propose a project? Contact me by this form or visit my Google+ page.

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